Science department in need of renovations

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Courtesy of Creative Commons

Jillian Marquard, Editor-in-Chief

The funding crisis of public schools is no secret to anyone connected with Harding High.  For each of the past three years, Harding has tried to pass a referendum to help it cover its operating expenses, and every year, the referendum has been voted down.  Now, as the report from the State Science Safety Commission has pointed out, the effects of this lack of funding are clear: Harding is in dire need of upgrading its science labs or the school will face sanctions and penalties from the state.

The Safety Commission found that the cabinets where chemicals are stored are not up to code and that there is severe corrosion in most of the plumbing fixtures.  They also found that the vent hoods do not provide adequate ventilation.

It is imperative that the Harding community get behind the next referendum measure.  But it is just as imperative that the state fulfill its duties and fully fund all the schools in the state.  For the last three years, there have been no increases in state funding.  Schools cannot survive and students cannot succeed if adequate funding isn’t found.